Jc Net Meter

Jc Net Meter 1.1.1907

Check the speed of your internet connection


  • Light on resources
  • Very customizable
  • Measures internet speed in real time
  • Keeps records of downloaded data


  • Doesn't keep a record of speed rates

Very good

Is your internet connection fast enough? Are you sure you’re getting what you paid for when you bought your data plan? Now you can check with Jc Net Meter.

Jc Net Meter is a useful, easy-to-use internet connection monitoring tool that tracks your download and upload speed rates and keeps record of all the data. The program sits unobtrusively in the system tray and features interesting configuration options.

With Jc Net Meter you can visually monitor the speed of your internet connection thanks to a handy graphic generated in real time. Jc Net Meter also keeps stats of all downloaded data, which comes in very handy for those of you with a restricted data plan. Pity these stats don't keep a history of download speed rates! Other customization settings in Jc Net Meter let you choose colors for the graphic and measurement units for the stats.

Jc Net Meter is a handy app with which you can really check your connection speed.

Jc Net Meter


Jc Net Meter 1.1.1907

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